Thursday, November 09, 2006

TELeasy Corp. introduces 2-square-foot DVD vending kiosk

AMonline notes:
A new compact DVD vending kiosk has been developed by TELeasy Corp., a Dallas, Texas-area company.

The kiosk takes up less than 2 square feet of floor space. It is modular and it is substantially cheaper than TELeasy's standard Quik Flik kiosk. A company spokesman said, "We wanted to go after the smaller locations like gas-stations where space is limited. Our distributors sell our kiosks to many vending machine operators that simply could not justify our standard Quik Flik DVD vending kiosk. The Mini-Quik Flik costs substantially less than the standard product. With the modular Mini Quik Flik our customers can increase their capacity in stages as their business grows and their customers increase."

The kiosk can be purchased to hold a minimum of 75 DVDs to a maximum of 300 DVDs. Upgrading the kiosk's capacity is just a matter of adding more carousels without changing the amount of floor space that the kiosk occupies.
While the 75 DVD max is much less than that offered by competitors like RedBox, the system is obviously designed to appeal to businesses with small amounts of floor space to dedicate to such a device.

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