Friday, October 27, 2006

RedBox deploys remote management software for their DVD kiosk network

Considering the size and scope of the business that DVD rental kiosk firm RedBox had planned since its inception, it's amazing that they managed to deploy 150 kiosks before ever realizing that they'd need a remote management platform, but according to this press release, that's exactly what happened.

Now in their defense, there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding their business model at first (renting DVDs at McDonald's and other fast food places for $1/night), so their initial efforts were probably more aligned towards proving the model than working on remote management tools, but given the plethora of software options out there, it still seems amazing that they could have placed so many units before it became apparent that remote control would be useful.

The company eventually selected Kaseya's Enterprise mangement software, "which costs about $1,000 to start, [and] uses a combination of server software hosted on servers at redbox's data center and distributed agents on each managed kiosk. Kaseya provides software updates and support for its software to redbox, which the customer received by connecting to Kaseya's data center. There is also a server-based application that allows redbox IT staff to perform Web-based management and administration tasks on all the kiosks."

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