Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Webraiser acquired by Flextronics

And here I thought all of the hot M&A news was only happening in the digital signage space... According to this brief article at Kiosk Marketplace, WebRaiser is being acquired by outsourced manufacturing giant Flextronics.

Not a lot of detail thus far, and unfortunately neither Flex or WebRaiser have issued press releases (that I can find) yet, but considering that WebRaiser was privately held (and the acquisition would be too small to show up on Flex's $15B general ledger), we'll probably never know the intimate details like selling price, sales multiples, P/E and the like. According to the Sacramento Bee, Mark Breunig, WebRaiser's Senior VP and General Counsel, "confirms the sale and says a formal announcement is set for a trade show in April [noting that] 'We don't want to tip our hand to competitors.'"

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