Monday, February 26, 2007

Sony Ericsson prepping mobile phone music kiosks?

Engadget is perpetuating an interesting rumor about new music download kiosks from Sony Ericsson. The post is pretty light on details and heavy on speculation:
... it's no secret that Sony Ericsson's here to stay in the mobile music space. Rumor has it that the joint venture's latest foray involves something mysteriously referred to as a "music kiosk" -- presumably a public, standalone box of some sort that blasts appropriately-equipped phones with tunes for a fee. Of course, the concept is anything but new, so we're not entirely sure what's going to set Sony Ericsson's effort apart; we still prefer the idea of getting our music served hot 'n fresh over the high-speed airwaves, but we suppose we could be swayed if it's cheap enough and compatibility falls beyond the Sony Ericsson domain.
I agree with the original poster. Pretty much everybody has some sort of music download kiosk these days, and with wireless speeds getting faster and faster, it's just not that compelling to have to go somewhere to buy music when it can be downloaded almost as quickly from the comfort of your own home/office/car/wherever you might decide to download.

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