Friday, August 26, 2005

Even more pharmacy kiosk news

On the heels of that last post comes even more news about pharmacy kiosks, this time from DrugMax Inc., a specialty pharmacy and drug distribution provider, who announced that they will be installing kiosks into Duane Reade pharmacies. From their PR:

"The electronic pharmacy kiosks will enable patients to scan their prescriptions and consult with the company's pharmacist or technician through a live interactive video conference. Following this consultation, patients will have the flexibility to schedule a pickup of their pharmaceuticals at any one of the company's 77 Familymeds and Arrow Pharmacy locations or to have their medication mailed or delivered to their home. The kiosks will be installed on medical campuses that DrugMax does not currently serve as well as in locations where the company has a pharmacy, but in a separate building."
"According to David Siegel, general manager of Duane Reade's kiosk business, 'DrugMax has taken the lead among all regional pharmacy chains in licensing and implementing the pharmacy kiosk machines to improve customer service and patient compliance. They should certainly be applauded. Pharmacy kiosk technology is where ATMs were 20 years ago. You used to need someone to help you to use an ATM and there are now over one million ATMs in operation. Based on our initial, real results, we believe the pharmacy kiosk will have a similar adoption rate.'"

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