Friday, August 26, 2005

Kmart to install prescription kiosks

Distributed Delivery Networks, whose webpage I am currently unable to find, has announced that it has installed kiosks into the pharmacy section of a New York Kmart (with the obvious intention of installing in the rest of the 1,000 Kmart locations after that). The kiosk dispenses pre-filled presecriptions to customers who swipe a credit card and prove their with a PIN code and electronic signature capture. From their news release (carried at KioskMarketplace):

"The dynamics of the retailing ecosystem have changed. It's not surprising that traditional retail point-of-sale has evolved beyond checkout. Adding self-service touch points throughout the store can help (stores) hold the line on payroll while improving customer convenience," said Paula Rosenblum, director of retail research at Aberdeen Group in a recent report entitled, "The Empowered Point of Service." "Planned technology deployments should help retailers achieve their strategies to create more customer-centric environments inside and outside the store. These technologies promise to maintain consistency in retailers' stated objectives of improving customer convenience and enhancing the customer experience."
"Kmart stands out in the retail market as a technology leader — employing a cutting edge-kiosk technology that improves customer service, while at the same time reducing store operating costs," said William Holmes, president of ddn. "We are very pleased to be partnering with Kmart on this exciting installation. Penn Station is a hub of busy commuters — a perfect location for consumers to take full advantage of this timesaving, error-avoiding technology. As more retailers begin to realize the numerous benefits of the APM technology, we are sure to see a major shift in the way refill prescriptions are dispensed."

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