Tuesday, August 30, 2005

ACOM announces kiosk solution for chiropractors

Given the amount of time that medical office staff need to devote to filling out forms these days, it would seem that any innovation that can automate part of the process should do well in the market. Thus comes this new kiosk software product from ACOM, specifically for chiropractors' offices:

"According to ACOM vice president Gregory T. Church, patient registration in the kiosk module is set up with personal information (name, address, age, gender, etc.) by front-office staff over the phone or on the first visit, after which all information is input directly by the patient through check-boxes that progress automatically through multiple screens in a tree-like structure. Initiating the session by touching "Start," the patient first answers the question, "What brings you to our office?" The response indicates the reason for the visit, which automatically places him/her in the appropriate session sequence: Initial, Daily or Final."

"'The kiosk module is designed to save time and labor for the front office staff, to expedite the patient visit, and also to establish a high level of patient participation in the treatment process,' Church said. 'Doctors have told us that this module will be extremely useful in streamlining both the professional and business sides of their practices, and we’re proud to make it a cornerstone of our latest version of RAPID.'"

The rest of the article can be found here, at KioskMarketplace.

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