Thursday, April 19, 2007

Airports try gaming kiosks

Another good post from the Kiosk and Self-Service Blog points out that "Denver International Airport can now play one of roughly 19 computer games at individual stations located throughout the concourses" thanks to new self-contained Internet cafe-style kiosks courtesy of Zoox Stations and RMES Communications. For $0.25/minute, users can surf the Internet or play any one of a number of games while waiting for their Nor'easter-delayed flight to arrive.

Zoox and RMES have apparently noticed that anybody with a laptop capable of connecting to the airport's free WiFi connection suddenly doesn't need a cybercafe very much, and those lacking such hardware probably aren't the best market to go after anyway.

However, unless you have a really big, really expensive laptop, the gaming experience isn't up to par with the latest generation of high-def blockbuster games. That's why this kiosk makes sense. With more space and no need for portability, the devices feature huge 23" screens, enhanced graphics and sound, and plenty of room for whatever computer/console equipment is needed to run today's games.

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