Thursday, March 22, 2007

TNR Entertainment introduces 'Win Movies for a Year' promotion at DVD kiosks

TNR Entertainment, providers of $1 DVD rental kiosks to a growing number of US grocery stores, has introduced what it calls an industry first: a new promotion that promises a year of free DVD rentals from the kiosks to a lucky group of winners. As this press release notes:
Every day of the promotion, one lucky shopper's name will be randomly chosen to receive free movies for a year. Shoppers can rent up to three movies per day. The winners will receive a New Release-branded Visa check card with $365, plus tax pre-loaded. No purchase is necessary to enter and both new and existing New Release renters are welcomed to participate. There are two ways to enter, either online at or with the mail-in entry form on flyers at TNR's rental kiosks.
Considering that the total cost of the prize is only $365 x the 45 winners they plan to have, this a great yet very inexpensive way for TNR to generate buzz, and possibly bump us usage of their kiosks at the same time. And usage they need: in order to keep up with their deployment schedule, the firm had to raise about $45M last year.

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