Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sanity unveils digital music kiosks

Australian retailer Sanity, taking a cue from Virgin, is deploying in-store CD mix-n-burn kiosks to lure tech-savvy consumers interested in building custom playlists. The kiosks will both burn CDs or download directly to your MP3 player, according to this article:
The Fast Track Kiosks will store more than 400,000 songs each. Customers will be able to create their own playlists using the kiosks, with tracks sold at AU$1.69 each or AU$16.99 for an album. The selected songs can then be burned onto a CD (incurring a further AU$2 fee) or be downloaded directly to a Windows-compatible MP3 player via a USB cable. The songs are downloaded in WMA format to MP3 players, meaning iPod users will not be able to connect to the kiosks. Up to 74 minutes of music can be burnt onto each CD.
No support for iPods you say? Instant project death, I say.

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