Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Self-service checkout still going strong

According to this article being run at Kiosk Marketplace, "sixty-six percent of people say they want self-service at the checkout to make shopping faster and more convenient as they fit more "mini shops" into their busy lifestyles, according to research published by global technology company NCR Corp. Forty-two percent of shoppers are either very likely or likely to choose stores that will offer this self-service option over ones that do not."

Granted, that was research commissioned by NCR, who has a decidedly vested interest in pumping up t he demand for self-service checkout counters. This is one of those stats that I would like to become true, as I myself am a big fan of the systems. They always seem to work right for me, and I am definitely one of those shoppers who will go to the store a few times a week just to pick up one or two items. In these cases, self check-out can easily save me ten minutes of waiting in line for the "express" checkout lane :)

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