Friday, January 06, 2006

Egami Media and Lightning Content Distribution to deliver digital programming via interactive kiosks

Egami Media just announced that it is going to start distributing its content through Lightning Content Distribution's retail website and also a network of retailer-situated interactive kiosks.

Lightning Content Distribution will distribute programs via its secure replication technology that produces media that is indistinguishable from packaged CDs and DVDs. Lightning Content Distribution kiosks will provide retailers with catalog extensions beyond their floor space limitations. The kiosk will provide consumers with a virtual CD and DVD inventory that can be replicated on-demand. Additionally, Lightning's application will be accessible by consumers with a home PC that has a CD or DVD burner and color printer.

"The instant gratification provided by on-demand solutions levels the retail playing field and will make retail floor space limitations a non-issue. While the smaller independents and chain stores will benefit from the virtual inventory a kiosk provides, even larger retailers are looking for ways to deal with the thousands of CD and DVD titles available today. We look forward to offering our programming for sale at brick-and-mortar retail where many of our smaller titles have had limited distribution," said Martin W. Greenwald, president and CEO of Image Entertainment and chairman of the board of Egami Media. "To that end Egami will continue to seek out opportunities in the ever expanding world of digital media distribution."

Obviously their content is going to have to be good enough for people to want to go to a kiosk to burn a CD or DVD of it. Granted, they have a good library of exclusive movies, including live concerts like "Kiss: Rock the Nation: Live!", "Chick Corea: Rendezvous in New York" and "Roy Orbison: Black & White Night," and also IMAX programs from MacGillivray Freeman, stand-up comedy and independent, foreign and silent film classics.

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