Friday, November 11, 2005

Touch screen voting debuts in Ohio

Two years after Miami, FL started using touchscreen kiosk technology to hasten voting, the same technology has made it to Miami, OH, according to this article:
Many votes lined up early and plowed through rain to cast their ballot. Many of those who voted early on Tuesday said they had an overwhelmingly postive experience using the new touch screen voting machines.One voter said she was in and out in about a minute. Another oter said he thought the voting process was simpler and improved.The new touch-screens have been planned for Ohio since the disputed presidential election of 2000.Some people who voted said they did encounter some difficulties. One voter said he had to recast his ballot two or three times.The two candidates for Dayton mayor, Rhine McLin and David Bohardt, reported liking the electronic voting.Most voters said they are glad that the age of the punch-card ballot is over and they are ready to move forward.
In all, the technology seems to be maturing, and will likely be in more widespread use for next year's midterm elections.

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