Friday, September 09, 2005

Sentry Technology installs library checkout kiosks

From this press release over at PRNewswire:

"Sentry Technology Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: SKVY) announced today the successful installation of 8 QuickCheck(TM) patron self-service kiosks at the Omaha Public Library. The library expects to increase circulation using QuickCheck(TM) by as much as 50%.

"QuickCheck(TM) operates in a similar fashion to a bank ATM. Patrons gain access to the library's circulation software via a user card and touch screen monitor. A barcode or RFID chip is read, security functions performed and a receipt is printed to tell the patron what items have been borrowed and when they are due to be returned. Once the process is complete, the patron exits the library through the security system without any intervention from library staff. The entire process is fast and frees library staff from the circulation desk to perform higher-level tasks. The system includes statistical usage report software as well as remote diagnostic control and management over a local network and via the Internet.

"'Sentry Technology installed 8 QuickCheck(TM) self check stations in 4 branches,' said Ryvka K. Sass, Executive Director, Omaha Public Library. 'Stations have an intuitive and user friendly design with on screen operating instructions that guide our patrons through the checkout process allowing them to borrow any library item including CD's, DVD's, and video cassettes. QuickCheck(TM) is fabulous!'"

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