Friday, September 09, 2005

Galvanon's MediKiosk selected by Cottage Health System

KioskMarketplace brings us this news:

"Galvanon announced in a news release that Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Cottage Health System will implement its MediKiosk solution to automate the patient registration process at its facilities. Cottage Health System will use the patient self-service kiosks, which will be equipped with biometric fingerprint imaging capabilities provided by NEC Solutions (America) Inc., to instantly and accurately identify patients during the check-in process.
"Upon arrival at the facility, patients will have the option of providing a thumbprint or swiping a driver's license, credit card or membership card directly on the kiosk to begin checking-in. Patients can then use the kiosks to update demographic and insurance information, sign consent forms and make co-payments. Once checked in, front office staff is notified of the patient's arrival.
"Galvanon's MediKiosk is part of a comprehensive suite of products that allows hospitals and clinics to provide patient self-service capabilities such as pre-registration via the Web, online BillPay and eClipboards, Galvanon's wireless patient check-in solution."

You can read the rest of the article here.

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