Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Yahoo! Local uses kiosks for an on-the-street promotion

Again from KioskMarketplace:

"Yahoo! wanted to place kiosks that would allow for Internet access at neighborhood bus stops, where the public could get information about local restaurants, businesses and more. But, following the Yahoo! principle of striving to be fun — and anything but ordinary — the kiosks needed to be innovative and well branded.

"So [Sean Florio, senior buzz marketing manager at Yahoo!] turned to Sandra Nix, founder of Mequon, Wis.-based D2 Sales LLC, to design an Internet-connected bus stop kiosk. D2 Sales, whose slogan is 'Definitely Outside the Box,' has designed kiosks that are just that — outside the typical boxy kiosk style.

"As the world of self service continues to expand, more companies will face similar decisions, with factors such as time, money and branding all weighing heavily. Despite the monetary and time critical advantages of purchasing a standard design, there are some compelling reasons for investing in a design that’s unique to your company.

"The goal of any deployment endeavor is to increase customer service and satisfaction without adding another layer of work for the current staff. Therefore, it’s important to consider an array of factors when choosing whether to go with a standard unit or a custom-designed one."

This is really an article on the possibilities available to custom kiosk manufacturers, and the novel manufacturing methods used to make self-service devices that integrate into the surrounding environment while presenting a strong brand message and good usability characteristics. I suggest you read the rest of the article.

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