Wednesday, April 13, 2005

New photo kiosk study available

As reported at KNO:

Summit Research Associates Inc., the leading consulting firm devoted to the kiosk and self-service industry, is proud to announce the publication of the Second Edition of their Kiosk Industry Sector Report - Digital Photography, the fastest-growing sector within the kiosk arena. Photo kiosks are being deployed at an impressive pace and now account for nearly 25 percent of the worldwide kiosk installed base. Some of the reasons this industry segment is so exciting:

· Digital Cameras comprise 90 percent of new camera sales

· Prints made from digital cameras at kiosks increased 376 percent in 2004

· The average cost of a 4x6 print at a kiosk is $.29 vs. $1.00 on a home printer

· Many new kiosk sales represent additions to existing installations

· Camera phones will encompass 89 percent of all mobile phones by 2009

You can see the whole synopsis here.

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