Thursday, January 29, 2009

LEGO Augmented Reality Kiosk

Saw this on DSInsights and was very impressed. Hold a box of LEGOs up to the kiosk, and the screen will show you what's inside.

It's kind of like a simulated X-ray machine just for the product. Of course, it also shows the models that can be built from the particular LEGO set, and probably has a few other functions as well.

I know I'd certainly have a hard time pulling myself away without holding every single box up to the machine :)

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Stigkl said...

From the pictures the actual design has BORING written all over it, but that it will allow you to see what you can build and whats inside the box makes this a very well thought out concept, and its pleasing to see LEGO has finally got a kiosk project which is working for them, i had seen others back in Denmark which we never going to work.
Lego is a real good example of how a firm who was battling for existance for many years have recently managed to turn business models back into winning profits, they recently in 2008 had 38% percent sales increase in the US which is good.