Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Best Buy kiosks coming to airports

Talk about brand extension.... This interesting article on Yahoo! Tech notes that bricks-and-mortar consumer electronics retailer Best Buy will be rolling out several self-service kiosks (vending machines would be a better description, actually) to major airports. So far, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and San Francisco all have the devices, and supposedly more are on the way.

The giant gadgets dispense much smaller gadgets (think PSPs, digital cameras, MP3 players and assorted cables), which consumers can select using a touchscreen system that provides product information and pricing. The swipe of a credit card can reunite business traveler with long-lost power cords, for example, or perhaps give little Sally an iPod to play with on the long flight home.

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Chris said...

Given that once little Sally has her ipod, she's still got to source and copy over tracks to her ipod before she can listen; not quite the 'quick-fix'.

Is there a vending or kiosk manufacturer/supplier offering track downloads and 'instant copy' to devices to ipods prior to vending them?

As a consumer, I'd want my new ipod to have something on it to listen to from the get-go.

Minneapolis Web Design said...

Macy's has iPod kiosks as well!

Anonymous said...

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