Sunday, December 09, 2007

Kiosks allow users to pay bills, parking tickets in Chicago

The Chicago Tribune has reported that kiosks are popping up in the Chicago area to allow patrons to pay parking tickets, various various bills and take care of other financial obligations.

According to the article, "Chicago residents can pay water-sewer bills, parking tickets and fines for red-light camera violations with cash, checks, credit cards or debit cards at any of 14 electronic kiosks.The city has installed the stands to provide an option to make payment easier, city Revenue Director Bea Reyna-Hickey said Monday. Five of the kiosks, at O'Hare International Airport and four police stations, can be used 24 hours a day."

Kiosks could ultimately turn into a way where residents of any major city can receive up-to-date information and interact with local municipal services. The local government could use them to promote important upcoming events and provide access to services that are useful at or near the kiosk's physical location. Local newspapers could also join forces to provide news feeds, particularly useful for residents who may not pick up a newspaper every day or who don't watch the nightly news.

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