Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Flytech introduces new all-in-one unit

There's been some noise in the all-in-one space lately, what with IBM launching an updated version of their popular AnyPlace kiosk and this new product getting released by Taiwanese hardware vendor Flytech. According to the (admittedly limited) product website, the "K790 series is an advanced metal Panel PC. Its ultra slim and exquisite metal enclosure catches most eye contacts (sic). [The] K790 series includes four different display sizes, 12”, 15”, 17" and 19" equipped with high brightness TFT panels and resistive/SAW touch screens." Additionally, the units are rated NEMA 3 / IP 55 dust and water proof, and are thus suited for industrial applications as well as more mundane retail, government and transportation-oriented self-service applications.

Thanks to Gadgettastic for the much better-looking images than the manufacturer has on their site :)

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Anonymous said...

Nice pick Bill. It's been posted on

I wonder if they are sticking with Intel CPUs or falling back to AMD like IBM has.

I think it's worth noting that Flytech is an OEM manufacturer.

Staff at

Bill Gerba said...

Good question. If I recall correctly, NCR was showing off something made by Flytech at NRF in January, claiming it would be their next-gen kiosk offering, but I never saw anything come of that.

I haven't yet gotten my hands on one of these things, but I do have several fanless Core-based sysetms lying around, so it's certainly possible to build a sealed, fanless system based on new Intel architectures still.