Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ice cream kiosks dispense product based on happiness

As this story from Advertising Lab tells us, the Royal College of Art-Platform 11 has developed an ice cream kiosk that will dispense a portion of ice cream commensurate with how happy or sad the user is. Having a bad day? Voice sensors will detect the stress in your voice and dole out a healthy portion of the cold, creamy manna (I'm an ice cream addict, if you couldn't guess :). Not so unhappy? Then you can afford to cut back on the calories and save more for those who may need it. As Demitrios Kargotis, the kiosk's inventor, simply states, "the more unhappy you are, the more ice cream you need."

While the machine (which is more of an art project than something intended for commercial production) is certainly novel, as a generally happy person I still feel the need for a big portion, thank you very much.

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ivv said...

I guess you could probably queue up, get a smaller scoop of ice-cream, become unhappy, queue up again, and that's when you'll get your big scoop.

Bill Gerba said...

Great idea, and if you're like me, realizing that you'd finished the cone would probably be enough to warrant a bigger serving the next time around :)

LaurenB said...

Will you be happier when you realize that, in addition to your stress your a** has grown intolerably large?

Just another sad grrrl in NYC