Monday, January 15, 2007

Interbank Peru receives award for self service kiosks

Interbank Peru has won an award from PricewaterhouseCoopers for introducing self-service systems with an intelligent deposit function to better served the large unbanked Peruvian population. Led by Wincor Nixdorf, the project utilized 115 multifunction ATMs hooked into the bank’s IT back-end to provide check depositing and cash and bill payment. The PR notes,
"Few Peruvians have bank accounts of their own. Most people simply make cash transactions at the bank counter. It became necessary to reduce the number of counter transactions – and at the same time the endless queues associated with this personnel-intensive service. And so, in partnership with Wincor Nixdorf, the self-service project was launched. To date, 115 Wincor Nixdorf self-service systems of the ProCash 2100xe type have been installed across Peru at Interbank’s subsidiaries and at off-premise locations.

"This means improved service for the bank’s customers. Cash withdrawals, cash and check deposits, and bill payment are all now handled by ATMs. Two currencies, Peru’s Nuevo Sol and the US dollar, are accepted by the self-service system. Up to 50 bank notes per transaction can be accommodated by the machines. When payment is by check, the amount is posted instantly and a receipt printed out. Bank customers without a bank card need only press a button on the ATM to proceed with their transactions."
I love seeing self-service technology being used to genuinely improve some kind of product or service offering, and that's exactly what we have in this case. What ATMs did for the traditional banked population in the 90s (in terms of speed, efficiency and convenience), bill pay terminals are increasingly doing for the poor and unbanked. While some number of them probably take advantage of these people with high service fees and transaction charges, I think there's a very healthy middle ground where banks and others can improve service, treat customers fairly, and still make money doing it.

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