Thursday, January 04, 2007

Communitek kiosks encourages customer loyalty

According to this brief blurb at the Wise Marketer,
"Communitek has rolled out its Customer Enrollment Kiosk (CEK) to several US retailers including Staples, which now uses the kiosk to enrol customers into its Staples Rewards programme. The kiosk has been updated to include new features in recent months; In addition to enrolling customers into a loyalty programme, registering gift cards, and capturing customer data, the kiosk can now also be used to reward customers with targeted coupon offers in-store. The kiosk's coupon printer can generate instant coupons as incentives to enrol or register a card."
While dozens of companies have provided kiosks with similar functionality in the past, the unique part of Communitek's offering is that they also provide the stored value program that powers the back-end loyalty program as well.

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