Monday, October 09, 2006

Drake Circus to add ScreenFX kiosks and signage

According to DDRMag, "ScreenFX has been contracted to design, install and manage five InfoPods [at the Drake Circus shopping center in Plymouth, UK] to become focal points of communication with visitors."

The article notes:
InfoPods are free-standing information points providing a mall directory, news and centre information service whilst also delivering a platform for brand advertising. ScreenFX, created a bespoke design for the InfoPods at Drake Circus for architect Chapman Taylor to fully integrate the system into the retail environment.

Positioned at key points on the malls, each InfoPod incorporates two 63in plasma screens mounted overhead and back to back, which will show live action advertising for local and national advertisers. Two 17in interactive touchscreens, at waist height will provide shoppers with a wayfinder directory to stores in the Centre. These touchscreens can also be 'bought into' by tenant retailers and advertisers to mount dynamic and highly engaging interactive promotions. The architects have also specified a fibreoptic network to service the network when it is installed.
ScreenFX and Avanti Screenmedia both have a hybrid business model where they own and operate networks (in different capacities given the deal), and also provide software and services like management, content production and the like.

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