Thursday, August 31, 2006

Impart tries their hand at kiosks

Normally I immediately disregard press releases that throw around words like "revolutionary," "dramatic," and "empowers," and the fact that this release from Impart has all three should have killed it dead. But it's noteworthy that the digital signage company is starting to provide a kiosk offering as well, which looks remarkably similar to what we've been offering in FireCast OS for the past five years:
IQI(TM) is compatible with simple HTML based website design processes. Combined with the IQ Producer(TM) tool interface, network managers can easily create, schedule, and update small to extremely large and complex deployments of IQI(TM) based systems and content. IQI(TM) also provides complete user analysis reports, tracking the number of touches per day, as well as page views, and uptime. IQI(TM) is plug-n-play compatible with a variety of leading plasma or LCD displays and touch screen manufacturers.
Well, that certainly would have been revolutionary... in 1998. Still, I'm glad that they took the approach of using tried-and-true web technologies instead of making yet another stupid proprietary kiosk application platform.

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