Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nike launches interactive signage program

Kiosk Marketplace tells us (in this article) that:
Digital View, provider of digital signage and digital media networks, and Pattison Outdoor Advertising, Canada's largest out-of-home media firm, are launching a unique interactive advertising experience for consumers. Shoppers in some of Canada's busiest malls are now able to choose which TV commercials they'd like to view during a special promotion, using their cell phones like remote controls.

The first client to sign up is Nike Canada, which kicked off this year’s world soccer championships blitz with a series of long-form TV spots featuring some of the planet's best-known soccer players. This groundbreaking digital signage was tested first in Toronto's Yorkdale Mall and is now running at Bramalea Town Centre, MontrĂ©al's Mall Champlain and MontrĂ©al Eaton Centre, as well as Vancouver's Oakridge Centre and Metropolis at Metrotown malls.
I've seen a good number of SMS-powered interactive devices lately, though up to this they've all been either big outdoor billboard projects like in Times Square, or else projects in Europe where SMS messaging has been hot for close to a decade now. It's getting harder to classify things as interactive kiosks or dynamic digital signs when these kinds of projects come out, but as we've been talking about for a long time, convergence between these two marketing techniques is inevitable given the kinds of sophisticated advertising and self-service projects retailers and others want to experiment with.

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