Friday, May 26, 2006

Argentina bank to deploy self-service kiosks tells us that, "Diebold, Incorporated will provide more than 300 self-service terminals, including its Opteva(R) automated teller machines (ATMs), to Banco Rio for installation at branches throughout Argentina."

The press release then goes through the obligatory list of quotes from relevant Diebold and Banco Rio employees, and gives a non to Diebold's "advanced security software," which must be something only found on their ATMs, since it seems like their automated voting kiosks are hacked constantly.

There has been a good amount of press given to the "super-ATM" over the past 12-18 months, and I think it's a fair bet that this type of interactive kiosk is going to become a lot more common in the near future. Additionally, I wouldn't be surprised if much of this growth started outside of the US, considering that there are many fewer old-style ATMs to be replaced in less developed nations. Whereas here you'd have to toss your capex and start all over replacing hardware, elsewhere you can almost start from scratch.

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