Friday, March 17, 2006

Mediaport Selects IBM Kiosk Services

According to this article at KioskCom, "IBM has signed an agreement with Mediaport Entertainment, Inc. to provide IT services, maintenance, and financing for a 1,000 retail kiosk rollout that delivers digital content to consumers."
Mediaport is currently deploying its MediaATM� kiosks at Sanity Music and Virgin Music Entertainment retail stores in Australia and New Zealand, totaling 1,000 kiosks over the next two years.

Consumers can burn customized CDs or rapidly download any digital product to a USB, Bluetooth enabled, or MP3 device. Mediaport�s robust content catalog features thousands of albums from Warner Music Group, EMI Music, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music International, among others; games; videos; DVDs; e-books; ringtones; and software.
The kiosks are actually more like media servers, using IBM's POWER-5 CPUs to deliver video on demand from about a terabyte of on-site storage. Crazy stuff.

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