Saturday, February 18, 2006

Please put more kiosks at the DMV

So say many people (myself included), and now this report from FedEx. About a year ago, Tennessee's DMV asked FedEx to study the efficiency (or lack therof) of their queue-and-wait system to see where measurable improvements could be made. After a year of analysis (which tells you how badly off they actually are), FedEx has made a number of suggestions, not the least of which is to install self-service kiosks to put more power in the hands of the people. The article notes that:
The report found that at least 50% of business done at driver's license stations can be completed either online or at self-service kiosks in the stations. For instance, only 75,000 of 500,000 annual license renewal requests are done online.
I'd hope that other states follow the lead and automate as much as possible.

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