Wednesday, February 01, 2006

DVDPlay(R) Announces 200% Growth in DVD Movie Rentals for 2005

From this press release:
DVDPlay, Inc., one of the leading North American DVD rental kiosk companies, is quickly changing the method, the place, the pace and the price consumers pay for new release DVD movies. DVDPlay has rented in excess of 4 million movies, with 2005 representing an increase of 200% over 2004. DVDPlay's 200% increase in rental growth is "notable" when compared to the overall DVD rental market, which grew a respectable 14% in 2005 according to the Digital Entertainment Group (Reuters Jan 5, 2006). DVDPlay operates automated movie rental kiosks located in major grocery chains, fast food restaurants and U.S. military bases. Generally DVDPlay new release titles rent from $1.00 to $1.49 per day depending on location.

DVDPlay continues to lead the way in the rapidly emerging self service DVD rental market with its innovative and patent pending technology by providing the world's smallest rental kiosk (5.5 square feet) designed specifically to fit into major grocery chains and most other high traffic retail outlets without taking up valuable shelf space. DVDPlay Kiosks consistently maintain 99.999% reliability.

Ok, if that last part is true, it's reason enough for a press release. 99.999% uptime can be an extremely challenging goal for interactive kiosks in the field, considering that's less than 44 minutes of downtime a month, total. So one printer problem, paper jam, power outage, network failure, mechanical failure or anything else, and your number for the month is blown unless somebody is there to fix it very quickly.

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