Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Supermarkets, C-Stores will drive interactive kiosk sales in 06

ePaynews is carrying this article on predictions of success in the interactive kiosk market in 2006:

In terms of retail kiosks, the supermarkets and convenience store markets are identified as those with the biggest growth potential through 2009. Kiosk use across multiple retail sectors is predicted to grow as retailers see the potential for automating routine transactions and for using new technology to reduce operational costs. Increased deployments in the home improvement and non-food sectors are anticipated, as are solutions for order-and-pay food service, while ‘early’ self-service devices such as photo kiosks and self-checkouts will continue to see strong growth.

While they don't identify the source of the predictions directly, I might actually be partly responsible, as this was essentially what I said in the Nov/Dec 2005 issue of Kiosk Magazine. I can't find a link to the article right now, but it's in there. I've seen it :)

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