Thursday, December 29, 2005

Doctors trial self-service kiosks

This is sort of interesting...

In some doctors offices, "[w]hen patients arrive for an appointment, they don't register at the receptionist's desk. Instead, they swipe a driver's license or credit card at a kiosk. They can verify insurance information, electronically sign consent forms and settle co-payments.

"The new concept streamlines patient registration, but it also frees up front desk personnel to tackle other tasks. And in some cases, it means fewer people are needed to run the office _ a relief to hiring managers who often have difficulty filling these positions."

As the article notes, health care is the latest business sector to get involved with the self-service kiosk craze, driven to lower costs (in my opinion) by the greedy, bloodsucking insurance rackets. Of course, this article doesn't say that, preferring to stay with an on-topic look at the different self-service kiosk and tablet options available for the healthcare industry.

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