Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Diebold introduces self-service coin counting solution

According to a recent press release, Diebold has introduced a self-service coin counting device to help cash in (no pun intended -- honest) on the estimated $10 billion in loose change floating around in the pockets, jars, boxes and under the sofas.
CoinCount enables financial institutions to expand their service offerings to provide customers and members with convenient, fast access to coin-counting services right inside the branch. Tom Swidarski, Diebold's president and chief operating officer, said the solution was developed to help financial institutions draw consumers to the branch.

CoinCount offers financial institutions opportunities for customer/member recruitment and retention and improved productivity. By using CoinCount to help attract consumers to the branch, financial institutions can cross-sell other branch products and services, generate new revenue through transaction fees and provide another avenue for branding and marketing. of US consumers.

CoinCount can improve productivity by minimizing the need for branch personnel to handle, count or sort coin. Its advanced hopper cleaning system helps ensure that branch personnel will not be taken out of service to retrieve consumer items that may be inadvertently deposited with coin. The system separates coin from debris such as jewelry, paper clips and other items that often mingle with loose coin. Non-coin items are returned to the customer through a pocket in the front of the unit.
Find out all about it here.

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