Thursday, October 27, 2005

Show showcasing self-service seems successful

I'm a fan of alliterations, in case you couldn't tell :)

As the good folks at Kiosk Marketplace are happy to tell us:
[F]rom seminar to show floor, the emphasis was on self-service as a holistic business strategy, rather than one that focused on a specific device. Not that there weren’t plenty of kiosks — and cutting-edge ones at that — but they are increasingly seen as part of an overall strategy rather than the strategy itself.

It’s part of a trend that is taking place outside the show. The association announced at its annual meeting, held during the show at an adjoining hotel, that it would immediately change its name to The Self-Service & Kiosk Association. And Kiosk magazine, published by the show’s host company NetWorld Alliance, will change its name to Self-Service World magazine at the beginning of 2006, with its January/February issue.

Kiosks are a big part of the smart businessman’s team of players. But self-service represents his playbook, his strategy for using that team.
There is a lengthy article featuring blurbs about the sponsors and exhibitors at the show, which apparently there were quite a few of. The Self Service Show 2006 show is slated to take place in Orlando, Feb. 13-14, 2006, which means that we might actually be able to go, since a) it doesn't coincide with our busiest season (Sept - Nov), and b) it's outside of hurricane season, which seems to be getting worse every year...

The full article is here. Go check it out.

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