Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New Zealand testing customs kiosks

In an effort to reduce lines and streamline traffic in their airports, New Zealand has been testing the use of interactive kiosks in their airport customs departments to speed travellers through. As stuff.co.nz notes:
The kiosks would automatically check the identity of travellers, using software to match people against their passport photos, while ensuring passengers weren't on wanted lists. The kiosks would advise passengers if Customs needed to question them.

The computerised entry checks will be offered first to "registered passengers" – likely to be frequent fliers – who volunteer to use biometric kiosks to avoid queues at manned Customs booths.

However, a request for information (RFI) jointly issued by Customs and Auckland International Airport suggests the use of the kiosks will eventually be the norm for all passengers.

Customs information systems manager Peter Rosewarne says security won't be compromised. Passengers will continue to be watched by Customs officers from the moment they stepped off the aircraft.

Thanks to new Advanced Passenger Processing technology, Customs knows who is travelling to New Zealand before they board their aircraft, and has more time to assess possible risks and decide who it wants to take aside for questioning.
The rest of the article can be found here.

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