Monday, October 10, 2005

Customer convenience is a driving force in in-store technology

Display and Design Ideas has published a survey that finds that the use of self-service technology in-store improves the store's atmosphere and increases customer satisfaction. Here's the blurb they publish, but for the full report you'll need to get a copy of the magazine or download it from their site:
The purpose of the majority of in-store technology is customer convenience and the second most popular use is to contribute to a desired atmosphere, according to DDI's recent in-store technology industry survey. The survey, conducted online from July 19 to July 28, also asked retailers about their in-store technology budgets. For 2005, 13.2 percent respondents indicated that their retail organization's have in-store technology budgets of $3 million or more, while, on the opposite end of the spectrum, almost 20 percent indicated their organization's have budgets of less than $150,000. According to survey respondents, the top in-store technology trends include interactive kiosks (#1), digital signage (#2), and high-definition screens (#3). The biggest challenges facing in-store technology are cost (#1), maintenance (#2) and keeping up with technology/rapid obsolescence (#3), according to survey takers.
For a free copy of the entire survey, click here or check out the November issue of DDI Magazine.

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