Friday, September 02, 2005

Ritz Camera tries photo kiosk print bars

From various PR sources:

Ritz Camera Centers and Lucidiom Inc. announced in a news release that Print Bars in Ritz Camera locations nationwide will be equipped with digital photo kiosks powered by Lucidiom, creator of the Automated Photo Machine (APM).

Ritz Camera Center’s Print Bars, which the company introduced earlier this year, allow customers to sit comfortably at photo kiosks to select, edit and print their digital images from their media cards. Lucidiom APM systems have been introduced in Ritz Print Bars across the country and will be connected via the APM Network to allow Ritz to remotely track and manage order volume, order status and kiosk performance. And just in time for the upcoming holiday season, Lucidiom’s APM software now incorporates its Creative Collections package, giving Ritz customers the chance to create unique greeting cards, scrapbook templates, magazine covers and more.

KioskMarketplace has more of the story.

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