Friday, August 12, 2005

PaymentOne expands digital payment platform

"PaymentOne Corporation today announced a significant expansion of its Digital Payment Platform with the availability of the PaymentOne Broadband Content Network (BCN) and Co-Marketing Platform (CMP).

"Together, the new Broadband Content Network and Co-Marketing Platform enable digital merchants and broadband operators to rapidly market, bundle, distribute and bill content and premium services through the broadband operator's channel.

"Operators and Content Providers Must Collaborate To Capture $15 Billion Market

"With the market of over 30 million current broadband consumers projected to more than double, the aggregate market for digital content and services will surpass $15 billion by 2008. Broadband users are twice as likely as dial-up users to purchase online content in multiple categories including digital music, audio, video, photos, electronic information, education and games.

"According to Yankee Group: 'To truly differentiate, operators will look to content, applications and other digital media that will enable operators to sell incremental new services through existing data pipes. Those operators that master this new service paradigm will financially outperform their peers...'"

Read the rest of the press release here.

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