Tuesday, August 23, 2005

KioskMarketplace looks at solid state storage options

James Bickers over at KioskMarketplace has written an article that does a nice job of explaining the current status of solid-state storage media in use in kiosks and industrial computing applications. The two most salient points (for me) were:

"One characteristic that makes solid-state memory such a powerful tool is that, unlike RAM, it does not require a power source in order to maintain data — unplug it, and the data remains in place. This means that hard drives built upon a solid-state storage mechanism can replace traditional "spinning wheel" drives."


"Hard drives are big, they can be noisy, and they generate a lot of heat — all things that are best avoided, and all things solved by using solid-state storage instead of a rotating drive."

Two things to think about when deploying devices out into the field.

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