Tuesday, August 02, 2005

ADA compliance for kiosks

KioskMarketplace is running a nice article on the importance of physical design and layout for interactive kiosks. Specifically, the article looks at using ADA compliance standards as a starting point for all kiosk designs:

"According to Dave Barker, principal strategist and member of strategic design and brand integrity for Diebold, part of the answer lies in keeping sizes and positioning of elements as consistent across models as possible.

"For instance, a blind person can expect the modules to be in the same place on all ATMs, regardless of the model or whether it’s a drive-up or through-the-wall," he said.

"Barker also pointed out that disabilities come in many shapes and sizes, so it is important to get feedback from the people you are actually trying to serve."

An interesting read, the rest of which can be found here.

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