Friday, July 15, 2005

Self-service boarding cards take off

The Financial Times reports on self-service kiosks for hotels and airports:

"As you check out of the hotel using a self-service express kiosk you swipe your frequent flyer card to print out the boarding pass for your next destination. At the airport there is a drop-off point for luggage and then it is straight to the aircraft: no queues, no hassles. Easy.

"This is no futurist dream, but reality at a Holiday Inn in Duluth, Georgia. The trial, which started earlier this year, allows guests heading for Atlanta airport to produce their boarding cards for Delta Airways and AirTrans flights.

"Later this year Holiday Inn plans to promote the technology - developed with Micros Systems and Kinetics (a division of NCR) - to its global franchisees. 'The pilot has gone very well and fits well with our strategy of giving more convenience and control to travellers,' says Mr Snyder."

Read the complete article here.

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