Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Athena Software Intake Kiosk Provides Easy and Confidential Collection of Data for Counseling Centers

"Athena Software today announced the introduction of A-Kiosk designed for use at counseling centers that want a fast, convenient method to collect individual information. A-Kiosk works with new or existing installations of Athena Software to maximize use of resources and offer more effective programs and services for counseling, family services, mental health centers and EAP providers by allowing clients to begin their own intake process and enter information directly into the system. In addition, to saving time and streamlining the intake process, the confidentiality afforded by A-Kiosk helps to make clients feel more comfortable about identifying the nature and details of their service request.

"The A-Kiosk is being used by the University of Waterloo to provide easier access and more coverage to the student population. “Athena’s A-Kiosk makes it easy to intake thousands of students each year."

An interesting read, the rest of which can be found here.

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