Monday, April 18, 2005

SutraTel Kiosk Announces Name Change from Urban Transfer Systems

Because clearly, when you think of kiosks, you think of SutraTel...

SutraTel Kiosk (Pink Sheets: SLKX.PK) today announced its name change from Urban Transfer Systems (Pink Sheets: UBTF.PK).

"The SutraTel Kiosk delivers state-of-the-art video 2Way TV at 30 frames per second in full color, complete lip sync, audio and visual broadcast quality without delay or perceptible latency. SutraTel Kiosk sales kiosks will provide large retail stores and original manufacturers worldwide with an economical and compelling solution to connect their customers with trained customer service and sales personnel. The sales experience is enhanced by SutraTel Kiosk ability to integrate a variety of sales media, including video, Internet, live video, audio, and desktop applications and presentation.

SutraTel Kiosk will begin deploying the kiosk product nationwide at the end of the second quarter, 2005. Locations will include retail stores, shopping centers, public transportation stations, hospitals, schools, government buildings, among others. In addition to the 2Way TV, the kiosks will provide multimedia services such as web surfing, e-mailing, audio and video streaming, and point-of-sales services. E-commerce capabilities will include credit and/or IC card transaction processing. The kiosk can also link into a companies stock control system, so that all inventory information is live. Other convenient and profitable user access features include thermal printers, trackballs, smart card and credit card reader and electronic currency acceptor."

Read the press release here.

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