Monday, April 11, 2005

Cool article on future human interface devices

Because the kiosk newsday wouldn't be complete without an article that makes reference to Minority Report, I bring you this article from KioskMarketplace:

"Engineers and visionaries are hard at work on bringing these futuristic interfaces not only into the present, but also into a place where they are affordable enough to make sense in real-world applications.

Vincent John Vincent said his company GestureTek Inc. was "once way ahead of what the public could perceive." Formerly JesterTek Inc. and Vivid Group, GestureTek holds a patent on its Video Gesture Control technology. VGC powers a number of different products, from interactive signage to a turnkey gesture-driven mouse controller for use in public computers and kiosks. Vincent, the company's president, said that it is exactly because of films like
Minority Report that the public is not only becoming comfortable with the idea of a touchless interface, they’re starting to get excited about it."

Read the whole thing here.

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