Saturday, April 30, 2005

Another article on the Shopping Buddy Kiosk

I think the idea of strapping a tablet PC to a supermarket shopping cart is ill begotten at best, downright stupid at worst. But apparently there are those who would disagree with me :)

I've written about the whole idea of a shopping cart kiosk before, actually it was about this very project, but now that CNN has picked it up, I wouldn't be surprised to see more companies jumping on the bandwagon. At least the guinea pigs at Stop & Shop are proceeding cautiously. From the CNN article:

"Robert Keane, spokesman for Stop & Shop, said the company is currently testing the buddies in three stores with plans to expand to 20 stores this year. 'Customers who've tried it once are willing to try it again,' he said but declined to comment on the cost of the device.

'The shopping buddy is an interesting concept but it's essentially an experiment,' said George Whalin, an independent retail consultant. 'The future of traditional supermarkets isn't that good right now and companies operating in the channel have to find ways to capture the consumer's attention.'"

You can read the whole article here.

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