Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Healthnotes introduces new kiosk products

"To help health food stores and supermarkets offer their customers an engaging, information-rich shopping experience online and in-store, Healthnotes Inc. (HNI) today announced the launch of its enhanced QuickStart Web products and the new Retailer Recipes option for touchscreen kiosks and retailers' Web sites.

QuickStart Standard and QuickStart Premium, part of Healthnotes EasyIntegration online delivery options, offer retailers quick, easy ways to integrate Healthnotes content throughout their sites, even with limited technical expertise. Both QS Standard and QS Premium include new integration tools called Graphical Content Links: prepackaged links that combine engaging graphics with a "teaser" line to capture consumers' attention and drive them into targeted Healthnotes content. GCLs can be placed on multiple pages of a retailer's site to offer greater access to Healthnotes content, enhancing the user experience and increasing usage.

The new Retailer Recipes option allows a retailer to offer their recipe collection integrated with Healthnotes health, food, and nutrition information -- online and in-store. The custom retailer-branded touchscreen kiosk and Web applications add a retailer's recipes into standard Healthnotes categories and link them to a food encyclopedia. In addition, retailers can have HNI calculate Nutrition Facts and add wine pairings to their recipes to make them even more valuable to shoppers."

Read the complete press release here.

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